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Mobiles Sonar - Tiefenmesser

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Mobiles Sonar - Tiefenmesser
Mobiles Sonar - Tiefenmesser
Laden Sie das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, Mobiles Sonar - Tiefenmesser
Laden Sie das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, Mobiles Sonar - Tiefenmesser

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Introducing the ultimate tool for freedivers seeking precise depth measurement before taking the plunge! Our portable sonar device is designed to provide accurate readings, ensuring your safety and enhancing your freediving experience.

In this short video, we showcase the convenience and efficiency of our portable sonar for measuring water depth before your freedive. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to confidence as you rely on this compact and reliable device.

With just a few simple steps, you'll witness how effortlessly our sonar attaches to your buoy, instantly providing you with real-time depth readings. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick and intuitive operation, enabling you to focus on the adventure that lies beneath. Whether you're a seasoned freediver or a beginner, our portable sonar is a must-have companion on every buoy. It ensures you have accurate information about the water depth, empowering you to plan your dives and set your goals accordingly.

Get ready to dive deeper, smarter, and with absolute confidence using our portable sonar for precise depth measurement in freediving.

Do not fully submerge! (see picture and video for use)

Product Information:

  • Battery level display
  • Depth unit display
  • Depth or temperature data display
  • Temperature unit display
  • Fish display


  • Sonar Frequency - Two Modes: Cable: 200Khz, Wireless: 125Khz
  • Display size - 47x18mm
  • Display mode - paragraph display
  • Backlight - Highlight LED
  • Depth range 0.8-90m (standard environment)
  • Sonar frequency - 200KHz
  • Sonar radiation angle - 45 degrees
  • Working current - 45mA
  • Unit - Imperial / metric can be switched
  • Power - AAAx4 (NOT Include)
  • Product size - L197.5 * W54xH54mm

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