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Freediving Tribe - Club

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Welcome freedivers!

We're excited to have you join our community and look forward to getting to know you.

Join the Freediving Tribe Club and experience the benefits of our supportive community! 

Benefits of becoming a Freediving Tribe Member

Access to weekly training with experienced instructors and guidance/mentoring

Connect with other freedivers who share your passion

Exclusive discounts for selected equipment in the Kaluna Shop and events and more

Test new equipment or borrow additional training material for your training

Safety equipment and trained personnel at events and trainings

Overall great value for money

Our membership fees cover the costs of training space in the water, equipment, supporting our trainers and athletes within the club. Safety is our top priority, and with your membership, you can have peace of mind knowing that we invest in safety equipment, such as enhanced buoy setups, oxygen tanks, and first aid supplies. Ensuring that you can enjoy freediving with us while feeling safe and relaxed at all times.

Just Do it!

Don't wait for a perfect moment! Now is the the time to start your freediving adventure!


‘Freediving in not only the sport, it is the way to understand who you are.’

"Natalia Molchanova"

Benefits of becoming a Freediving Tribe Member

Access to weekly trainings

Our club organizes weekly trainings in the lake and pool, providing members with an opportunity to train in the water with experienced instructors. With the club membership, you will get discounted, personalized coaching to help you achieve your freediving goals. We invest our time and resources in freediving education, and you will benefit from it.

Expert guidance

Kaluna Freediving's experienced instructors provide expert guidance / mentoring and training to help members improve their skills and knowledge of freediving.
We want you to become a better freediver and we will help you to achieve it. We invest our time and resources in freediving education and you will benefit from it.

Opportunities to learn

Kaluna Freediving offers training sessions, workshops, and tutorials to help members develop their skills and knowledge of freediving for a discounted rate.

Supportive community

Kaluna Freediving fosters a supportive community where members can share their experiences, ask for advice, and offer encouragement.

Connect with others:

Joining the Freediving Tribe allows members to connect with others who share their passion for freediving and helps to promote and grow the community within Switzerland and overseas.
You can also have direct influence on our YouTube Series - "Kaluna Freediving Tribe"


Membership fees help pay for safety equipment, such as enhanced buoy setups, oxygen tanks and first aid supplies, and allow theclub to provide trained safety personnel at events and trainings
We as a Club will also provide you with a discount on the DAN (Divers Alert Network) insurance. (details will follow)

Equipment testing and lending

Club members are welcome to test new freediving equipment, including elite brands used by top athletes around the world. You can borrow a buoy and additional training material, as well. We only offer products that we as freedivers are convinced of ourselves.

Value for money

Our membership fees cover the costs of pool space, equipment, trainers, facilities, events, safety measures, competitions, prices and provide members with access to valuable resources and opportunities. We also offer discounts on selected freediving equipment, private coaching, and events, making our club membership a great value for money.

Personalized training

Kaluna Freediving offers discounted, personalized training and coaching from experienced instructors to help members reach their goals.

Support our athletes

As a Club we support our athletes who compete in various competitions in Switzerland and abroad.

Fun events

Kaluna Freediving organizes events such as day group trips, "freediving picnics", Movie evenings, educational events, video calls with athletes and competitions to keep things fun and engaging for everyone.

By becoming a member of the Kaluna Freediving Tribe Club, you'll have access to all of these benefits and more. You'll be joining a supportive community that shares your passion for freediving and is dedicated helping you improve your skills and achieve your goals.

Thank you for being with us and thank you for your support...

Daniel, Anna, Valdy, Len, Dimitri and Alex

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What do I need to sign up ?


1. Have a valid, maximum 2 year old Medical Diving Cert from your Doctor - check our blog for details

2. Make sure you have a proper diving insurance, we recommend you DAN Europe - link to the insurance:


3. Send us an E-Mail - "Click here" with the following information:
Full name
Date of birth
Phone Number
Certifications Level
(please attach a copy):
Medical Diving Exam (please attach a copy):
Diving Insurance (please attach a copy):)

Send Us an E-mail

What are the costs ?


The 2023 Club membership will cost you 175 CHF per year, as its the founding year.
From 2024 on, the membership fee will be 295 CHF per year.

Is there a trial session?


I'm not 100% sure. For our summer training in the lake, there is a trial session every first Wednesday per month. Please contact us - 076 592 54 70

Its 30CHF for the trial session

Where to get my medical diving certificate?


This can be one option. If you send us an E-Mail before your appointment, you will even get a discount.

Does it make sense to become a member even if I just come three to four time per year ?


Of course and for many reasons. Just to name a few. Benefiting from events free for members, being part of a great community and supporting the sport in Switzerland.

Does it make sense to become a member and not living in Zürich ?


Yes! We welcome all freedivers from Switzerland and around. You can even benefit on events or trips where you join us, even from other countries

Is this the same like the USZ Zürich ?


No its not. The USZ Zürich is another club in Zürich, which offers not only Freediving, but also is focusing on underwater rugby and hockey

Can I be a Kaluna Freediving Tribe Member and USZ Zürich Member at the same time ?


Sure you can, both are seperate clubs in which you can be a member.

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