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My time with Kaluna Freediving is ending: An unforgettable journey into the depths

My time with Kaluna Freediving is coming to an end, and I can look back on all the amazing experiences with a broad smile. It all began during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, back in the summer of 2020. At that moment, it was clear to me that I wanted to participate in the AIDA World Championships the following year and actively engage as an instructor and trainer in organizing exciting underwater events in Switzerland.   Kaluna Freediving has evolved into an unforgettable journey for me. Over the past years, we have achieved so much together,  including the establishment of the Kaluna Freediving Tribe Club. This club allows members to participate in training sessions in lakes and on reserved lanes, as well as providing exclusive offerings related to events and equipment.  I am filled with gratitude for the experiences and memories I have collected. 

A Magical Beginning

Meine My journey commenced with an expedition in February 2021, amid frigid temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius. We broke through the ice while Len captured everything on video and in photographs. The initial moments beneath the ice were a breathtaking spectacle of light, marked by reflections and a protective layer of ice. The silence under the ice will remain etched in my memory forever. Unlike the fears that many associate with diving under ice, I felt no panic, only serenity and magic.

icediving freediving anna-karina

By our last expedition in February 2023, approximately 20 participants joined us, and nobody shivered in the cold. We opened the ice the night before using Finnish ice saws and manual ice augers, without the noisy chainsaws the neighboring scuba divers used, which also consumed gasoline. It was most beautiful to watch the participants experience the same joy and enthusiasm under the ice, just as we had a few years before.

Our adventures also took us on exciting dives with catfish, pressure equalization days at Badi Winkel, yoga and freediving events, excursions to Y40, and our first visit to the Deepspot. These were all unforgettable underwater moments that helped shape a fantastic community of freedivers.

To my dedicated Molchanovs Course Participants

A heartfelt thank you to the participants of my Molchanov 1 and 2 Freediving certifications. You know who you are! It has always been incredibly enjoyable, and I'm proud to witness your growth, each at your own pace, just as it should be.

My Journey as an Athlete

I'm proud of what I have been able to achieve in a relatively short time. Daniel, Valdy, and the Kaluna team gave me the necessary kickstart, especially in terms of pressure equalization, stretching on the bridge, focused depth training, and of course, the acquisition of professional equipment. In 2021, Christopher Friedrich and I made an impressive debut by securing a place in the top 10 at the AIDA World Championships in Cyprus. It was my third competition and my first World Championship. 

freediving world record Anna-Karina

The World Championship the following year was another adventure with new learnings and interesting encounters during the training preparation. Receiving daily tips from the top athletes was just incredible. This year, without a World Championship, has been focused on my job, setting a world record in a lake, and Kaluna.

The lessons and experiences I've gathered in such a short time will have a lasting positive impact on my upcoming training period. I'll share more about this in another blog article soon.

What's Next?

Although my time with Kaluna Freediving is drawing to a close, I'm full of excitement for the future. I'm taking some time off before starting my next training period.   The primary focus is promoting a healthy lifestyle from the inside out, developing mental athlete programs, and, of course, yoga and freediving. Everything you already know from me, only deeper, more detailed, and interactive! You'll find me on the Canary Islands throughout the winter, so if you're in the area and eager to dive, please join me. 

See you soon in the beautiful green or blue water!





"The love of the underwater world accompanies me as long as I can remember. I couldn't swim yet, but I was already diving."   



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