The last minutes before a record attempt

The last minutes before my Swiss national record in freediving   60min till official top I lie on the yoga ...


INSIGHTS INTO A SERIES OF INDOOR COMPETITIONS As an intro I can say so far: What a journey. Full of emotions. Ups,...


PASSION FOR WATER To be in the water - as it is for many of us divers - has always been my big passion. Growing up ...

Freediving expedition under the ice

Freediving under the ice is an adventure one will never forget.  Plunging into sub zero temperatures...

Medical statement for Freediving - the most important at a glance!

Why does freediving need a medical examination? How do I find a qualified doctor? Do I need to repeat the diving fitness assessment? What does the examination look like? What are the costs? Which certificate do I need? Diving and Covid 19?

Freediving Tribe - #5 | Y-40 / Executive Manager Giovanni Boaretto

In our new Freediving Tribe episode where talking about Y-40 - The Deep joy", with Executive Manager Giovanni Boar...

Warm-up vs. no warm-up dives - a field report

Our body is made for the deep - this has been sufficiently proven and there is no scientific evidence to the contra...

Freediving Tribe - #4 Homar Leuci

Who is Homar Leuci 🇮🇹? Probably the most successful Italian freediver right now and one of the longest active in th...

Freediving Tribe - #3 Stefan Randig

Who is Stefan Randig 🇩🇪? Probably one of the most successful freedivers in Germany and the most famous German f...

Freediving Tribe - #2 Gus Kreivenas

Who is Gus Kreivenas? The Lithuanian Rocket! A character you can't imagine the freediving scene without.Inspired by ...

Freediving Tribe #1 - Vera Giampietro

Unsere erste Episode ist online: Freediving Tribe #1, mit Vera Giampietro Schweizer Freitaucherin die es in kurzer Zeit an die Spitze der Schweiz geschafft hat

Expedition Freediving - Ice Diving in the Swiss Mountains

A behind-the-scenes report about challenges and moments of happiness of our small freediving expedition under the ice in the Swiss mountains.
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