Medical statement for Freediving - the most important at a glance!

Why does freediving need a medical examination? How do I find a qualified doctor? Do I need to repeat the diving fitness assessment? What does the examination look like? What are the costs? Which certificate do I need? Diving and Covid 19?

Freediving Tribe - #5 | Y-40 / Executive Manager Giovanni Boaretto

In our new Freediving Tribe episode where talking about Y-40 - The Deep joy", with Executive Manager Giovanni Boar...

Warm-up vs. no warm-up dives - a field report

Our body is made for the deep - this has been sufficiently proven and there is no scientific evidence to the contra...

Freediving Tribe - #4 Homar Leuci

Who is Homar Leuci 🇮🇹? Probably the most successful Italian freediver right now and one of the longest active in th...

Freediving Tribe - #3 Stefan Randig

Who is Stefan Randig 🇩🇪? Probably one of the most successful freedivers in Germany and the most famous German f...

Freediving Tribe - #2 Gus Kreivenas

Who is Gus Kreivenas? The Lithuanian Rocket! A character you can't imagine the freediving scene without.Inspired by ...

Freediving Tribe #1 - Vera Giampietro

Unsere erste Episode ist online: Freediving Tribe #1, mit Vera Giampietro Schweizer Freitaucherin die es in kurzer Zeit an die Spitze der Schweiz geschafft hat

Expedition Freediving - Ice Diving in the Swiss Mountains

A behind-the-scenes report about challenges and moments of happiness of our small freediving expedition under the ice in the Swiss mountains.

Success story equalization - how we can learn from it

Success story equalization - what there is to learn about it! It's not much time has passed that Daniel dived 133 meters deep into the sea in the discipline No-Limit with a mask. Learn more about the background.

Der erste Druckausgleich Workshop mit Andrea Zuccari in der Schweiz

Andrea Zuccari ist mittlerweile nicht nur für seine Freediving Rekorde bekannt (u.a. -185m No Limits), sondern besond...
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