Daniel Roettgermann

Lake Zurich, a rowboat, a missing anchor line and a memory - with a 15-year delay I became a freediver. As a child, holding my breath in competition against my father quickly became too easy and the fascination for the underwater world has always accompanied me. But except for a handful of scuba dives in the Mediterranean, there was unfortunately no water around. 15 years later I met Marco Melileo and a Freediving Instructors and Coache in Zurich. Since then Freediving is my passion. 396 training sessions and 3248 dives later Kaluna Freediving was born and a passion has become a hobby and profession at the same time. Freediving for me is a sport with physical and mental challenge, which allows me on my travels to explore the underwater world up close in the most remote corners of the world.
  • 2012 - Apnea Academy Level 3
  • 2014 - SSI Freediving Instructor Level II
  • 2016 - Apnea Academy Instructor
  • 2016 - USZ Freediving Trainer
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - No Fin
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Free Immersion
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Monofin
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Basic Spearfishing
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Spearfishing Safty & Training
  • 2017 - PSA/Phorcys Spearfishing Instructor
  • 2018 - Emergency First Responder Instructor
  • 2018 - PADI Freediving Instructor
  • 2019 - DAN EqualEasy Instructor
  • 2019 - DAN PBLSD + FirstAID Instructor
  • 2019 - DAN Oxygen First Aid Instructor
  • 2019 - Molchanov Instructor

'Valdy' - Waldemar Bruderer

My diving career began as a scuba diver at the Great Barrier Reef when I was in Australia for a few years on business. At that time, I was fascinated by the newspaper articles about Pipin and Pelizzari's deep world records in apnea diving, while I tried my first duck dives while snorkeling. About 10 years ago, after a freediving course in Southeast Asia, I was infected by the apnea virus. In Switzerland I learned from Marco Melileo at the USZ how to relax in the depth of the lake and thanks to him and Daniel from Kaluna Freediving I always improved. Whenever possible I spend time in the water and find apnea diving the ideal balance to long days at the office.

  • 2018 - Apnea Academy Instructor
  • 2019 - USZ Freediving Trainer
  • 2022 - Molchanovs Instructor

Anna-Karina Schmitt

Anna-Karina Freediving Switzerland

 The love for the underwater world accompanies me as far as I can think. I couldn't swim yet, so I was already diving. My mother was a bit puzzled at first, but happily let me dive in any waters. When I saw the short film about Jacques Mayol at the Ocean Film Tour in 2018, I discovered freediving for myself. Shortly after, I climbed aboard a sailing yacht: freediving, yoga and the Adriatic Sea. In Switzerland, I am totally excited about the beautiful lakes and rivers to discover and the nice people in the Freediving Zurich group. I combine freediving with yoga, meditation, cycling and running, as well as a plant-based diet. As always possible, I am passionate about ocean conservation and support local marine conservation projects when I am out freediving in the world's oceans. 
In July 2020, I completed training as a yoga teacher in the style Hatha and Kundalini. The experiences as a freediver have a great influence on my "KriyaAsana" yoga. The focus stretches from the body to the mind. I share my knowledge of techniques for stretching, breathing and relaxing to positively develop performance and transported emotions in the water. I currently give online training for AIDA Austria and the Underwater Sports Center in Zurich (USZ). Let's dive together with Kaluna Freediving - whether in Lake Zurich, at night to the full moon, in the river, in the ocean, in the pool or on the yoga mat!
  • 2019 - SSI Freediving Instructor Level II
  • 2019 - Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor
  • 2020 - Yoga Instructor in the style Hatha & Kundalini Yoga
  • 2021 - USZ Freediving Trainierin
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