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Daniel Roettgermann

Lake Zurich, a rowboat, a missing anchor line and a memory - with a 15-year delay I became a freediver. As a child, holding my breath in competition against my father quickly became too easy and the fascination for the underwater world has always accompanied me. But except for a handful of scuba dives in the Mediterranean, there was unfortunately no water around. 15 years later I met Marco Melileo and a Freediving Instructors and Coache in Zurich. Since then Freediving is my passion. 396 training sessions and 3248 dives later Kaluna Freediving was born and a passion has become a hobby and profession at the same time. Freediving for me is a sport with physical and mental challenge, which allows me on my travels to explore the underwater world up close in the most remote corners of the world.
  • 2012 - Apnea Academy Level 3
  • 2014 - SSI Freediving Instructor Level II
  • 2016 - Apnea Academy Instructor
  • 2016 - USZ Freediving Trainer
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - No Fin
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Free Immersion
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Monofin
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Basic Spearfishing
  • 2017 - SSI Freediving Specialty Instructor - Spearfishing Safty & Training
  • 2017 - PSA/Phorcys Spearfishing Instructor
  • 2018 - Emergency First Responder Instructor
  • 2018 - PADI Freediving Instructor
  • 2019 - DAN EqualEasy Instructor
  • 2019 - DAN PBLSD + FirstAID Instructor
  • 2019 - DAN Oxygen First Aid Instructor
  • 2019 - Molchanov Instructor

'Valdy' - Waldemar Bruderer

My diving career began as a scuba diver at the Great Barrier Reef when I was in Australia for a few years on business. At that time, I was fascinated by the newspaper articles about Pipin and Pelizzari's deep world records in apnea diving, while I tried my first duck dives while snorkeling. About 10 years ago, after a freediving course in Southeast Asia, I was infected by the apnea virus. In Switzerland I learned from Marco Melileo at the USZ how to relax in the depth of the lake and thanks to him and Daniel from Kaluna Freediving I always improved. Whenever possible I spend time in the water and find apnea diving the ideal balance to long days at the office.

  • 2018 - Apnea Academy Instructor
  • 2019 - USZ Freediving Trainer
  • 2022 - Molchanovs Instructor

Anna-Karina Schmitt

Anna-Karina Freediving Switzerland

 The love for the underwater world accompanies me as far as I can think. I couldn't swim yet, so I was already diving. My mother was a bit puzzled at first, but happily let me dive in any waters. When I saw the short film about Jacques Mayol at the Ocean Film Tour in 2018, I discovered freediving for myself. Shortly after, I climbed aboard a sailing yacht: freediving, yoga and the Adriatic Sea. In Switzerland, I am totally excited about the beautiful lakes and rivers to discover and the nice people in the Freediving Zurich group. I combine freediving with yoga, meditation, cycling and running, as well as a plant-based diet. As always possible, I am passionate about ocean conservation and support local marine conservation projects when I am out freediving in the world's oceans. 
In July 2020, I completed training as a yoga teacher in the style Hatha and Kundalini. The experiences as a freediver have a great influence on my "KriyaAsana" yoga. The focus stretches from the body to the mind. I share my knowledge of techniques for stretching, breathing and relaxing to positively develop performance and transported emotions in the water. I currently give online training for AIDA Austria and the Underwater Sports Center in Zurich (USZ). Let's dive together with Kaluna Freediving - whether in Lake Zurich, at night to the full moon, in the river, in the ocean, in the pool or on the yoga mat!
  • 2019 - SSI Freediving Instructor Level II
  • 2019 - Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor
  • 2020 - Yoga Instructor in the style Hatha & Kundalini Yoga
  • 2021 - USZ Freediving Trainierin


Len Roth

My love for the ocean began at a very young age, when I first learned how to surf. The feeling of riding the waves and being fully immersed in the water was exhilarating, and it sparked a passion for the ocean within me that has only grown over the years. It wasn't until high school, however, that I was introduced to freediving, and absolutely fell in love with it.

I had always been interested in photography and videography, so it seemed like a natural fit to combine my passion for the ocean with my love for visual storytelling. In 2019, I then ultimately started to create the videos for Kaluna Freediving. It’s an incredible experience to be able to share my passion with a wider audience and to help others see the beauty and wonder of the ocean.

  • 2020 - Kaluna Freediving Videographer/Photographer
  • 2022 - Kaluna Freediving assistant Instructor


Dimitri von Arx

Already as a child on vacation trips to southern Italy, I loved to surface shells from the seabed while snorkeling. Many years later, in 2011, followed the CMAS training to become a scuba diver in the dark waters of Lake Thun. The weightless silence and the strange underwater world fascinated me from the first moment. Soon after that I discovered freediving for myself. Together with friends I trained to improve the pressure balance and to dive deeper and deeper. Then, in 2018, I participated in my first freediving camp in Tenerife and was finally infected. Since then, I always spend vacations near the sea to spend as much time as possible underwater. Besides repeated trips to Tenerife, my passion also took me to Dahab, Kalamata, Thailand and the Philippines. In December 2022, I finally joined the USZ freediving training program and have been training with the Kaluna Freediving Team in the pool and in Lake Zurich ever since. 

  • 2020 - SSI Freediver Level 3
  • 2023 - Kaluna Freediving assistant Instructor
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