Wetsuit Training (black)


Wetsuit Training (black)
Wetsuit Training (black)
Wetsuit Training (black)
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More extras? Suit without hood or sleeves? Contact us before purchase.

Fitting & measurement:

After your order we need the measurement sheet with your details. Please send it to us by e-mail.
On request we can do the measurements for you. We have a lot of experience and will then also take over the guarantee, in case the suit does not fit perfectly. Costs and dates on request.

The Molchanov Training wetsuit is the right choice for your regular training and holidays or Freediving trips. The classic in black is available in 3.0, 5.0 or 7.0 millimetres and as it is tailor-made for you, it fits perfectly and allows you the necessary freedom of movement. Strong Ultraspan nylon on the outside makes it robust and Opencell on the inside keeps you warm.

Here you get the classic in black. At 3.0 mm there are also coloured versions - have a look at our other products.

The suit consists of two parts, trousers and top. The upper part has a hood and a crotch bib with clip closure. .

  • Highest quality from and (not only) for Freediver at the top of the world
  • Easy on and off and extra strong material through Lycra
  • Delivery time 5 - 8 weeks (depending on availability)
  • Care instructions:
    You should protect your suit from prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat and wash off salt. We recommend regular cleaning.

The suit is tailor-made for you. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that the measurements are correct. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. On request, we can also take measurements for you and thus also the guarantee if the suit does not fit exactly.

Please download this measurement sheet, fil it in and send it to us per e-mail, so that we can continue with your order. These instructions will help you.

The Sport fit is the right choice for sporting competitions - it fits tight and like a second skin. The Standard fit offers a little more comfort.

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Sold out? You couldn't find what you are looking for? You want to combine other materials or design your personal wetsuit? You only need pants but no top? Our shop is showing the most selling combinations and materials. But we do offer a lot more on request - simply contact us!

We can also help you find the right equipment for your needs.

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