We are only selling customized wetsuits. Because a well fitted wetsuit will help you improve your perfomance and the fun while training. The right material - like a second skin - will also save you a few millimeters in the cold swiss lakes. You can combine materials like smooth skin, nylon oder opencell inside and outside. You can choose your extras: your logo, pockets for weights, reinforced kneepads, urination system or camouflage painting - almost everything is possible. You can also order pants and tops individually.

In the shop you will find our favorite combinations for direct order. We are offering a lot more on request.
We will be happy to consult you for your personal wetsuit - contact us.

Our wetsuits are optimized for Freediving and Spearfishing. They are also perfect for all other watersports like diving, swimming, surfing or stand-up-paddling.

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