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To be in the water - as it is for many of us divers - has always been my big passion.

Growing up in front of a Lake, I spent my whole free time in the water. During school time more often in various pools in Switzerland: Swim training multiple times a week, on weekends competitions. It was always an indescribable feeling to be able to glide through the water.

To enjoy moments in the water also from below the surface, I started scuba diving in 2005. As I had lots of fun in learning new skills, I certified as scuba instructor five years ago.

Until I discovered Freediving in 2020 - what instantly fascinated me. It was the perfect combination: Similar movements which I knew from swimming, but with the underwater aspect from scuba diving - with less gear but with the additional specific focus on physical and mental skills - a part I sometimes missed in scuba diving.

Since this first breath-hold dive, I took courses, trainings and coachings with various instructors. Every time it motivated me to learn even more about this beautiful sport.


In January 2022, I joined the Freedive training group from USZ Unterwasser-Sport-Zentrum Zürich, with the goal to find again the joy of regular trainings in the water and ideally also the fun of competitions - but this time below the surface.

To be best motivated for trainings, I had to find a goal to work towards: The several announced indoor pool competitions in May and June were the perfect targets.

What particularly inspired me in this sport, is the unique solidarity amongst Freedivers. Even if we are by ourselves under the surface - fully focusing on what is happening inside of us, I felt an even stronger feeling of togetherness above the surface.

This further motivated me to register not only for the Swiss indoor championships 2022, but also to participate in the indoor world championships. Being a part of this experience, appeared to me as the more valuable experience, as watching it happen.


As of the first training session, dynamic apnea diving brought a lot of fun.

To prepare for the competitions, I increased the pool sessions to three times a week, and complemented with dry trainings such as apnea-gym, full body and back-chest stretching (BCS) and visualisations.

I am very grateful for all new encounters and valuable learnings experienced during the past few months as a part of this process.

Especially learned for myself, that no matter where we stand at the moment, that’s exactly where we are meant to be. The journey is the destination. Always going one step further, without rushing, not skipping important aspects and elements to be considered for the next step.

It is with this exact same mindset that I want to attend the upcoming competitions: The focus not placed on a specific goal or number - but more on the best possible application of all learnt skills and tools, may it be mentally or physically - to have the maximum pleasurable dives and be able to give the best.

I am looking forward to all the further upcoming new impressions and experiences in the next weeks as a part of this journey.

Stay tuned - more blog posts coming!

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"Freediving is the perfect combination between power and inner stillness to me. A wonderful and interesting mixture, which provides a never-ending opportunity to learn


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